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Ubuntu really is easy

Just installed Ubuntu Desktop on my ‘old’ (not that old really) Dell Dimension 2400 Celeron. Don’t use this computer much anymore and have been wanting to check out Ubuntu.

well the install was way too easy.
- downloaded the iso image from
- burned it to a cd using
- put that in the old 2400 and selected boot from CD-ROM
- Ubuntu OS booted from the CD and I was up and running at that point; but only from disc
- Had to click the install short cut on the desk top and wait a short while

That was it - no driver issues at all!!!
I was on my network and downloading the Ubuntu updates immediately, browing the internet with FireFox and watching avi files with Totem …

One really cool thing with Ubuntu (maybe Linux in general?) with out any additional installs I could navigate to my other Windows machines and pull files off the File Shares; simple as going to ‘Places’ -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Windows Network’ -> selecting the machine to browse to

Later I might look into setting up Samba so I can share from Windows to the Linux machine

Definitly going to install the Ubuntu Server Edition on my laptop soon and create a simple web site using Ruby on Rails, just need to find that ‘extra’ time

Thanks to my Dad for turning me on to Ubuntu!