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9 Golden Eagles

Crazy day of birding

The first real cold days have hit - crispy and clear, so I headed out towards Valley Ford with Larry.

We saw the usual - Red tails, Red Shoulder, Norther Harrier, Kestrel, (where was the white-tailed kite?) and then the good stuff 1 Ferrug, 4 Rough-legged and 9 Golden Eagles!!!

Most of the eagles were hanging out in pairs, but at one point we had 4 in our sight at once (that was a first for me), 2 pairs I believe. They were all in the vicinity of a dead lamb, the first one we spotted was actually perched on the lamb getting ready to eat.

last week was good to - first week we saw any rough-leg; Next week can only be better but don’t think I’ll see that many Goldens in one day for a long time.