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Rails like migrations in the .NET world

I have done a few very small projects with rails; one of the really nice features with rails is database migrations

There are a few ports of rails migrations to the .NET world (that’s where I spend alot of my time). I have not used any of these for ‘real’ but I have ‘sampled’ them. They all look promising but it seems like there is not very much activity on these projects.



SubSonic Migrations
I don’t know if they ever did incorporate this into the official release of sub sonic? maybe it will come in a future release

I recently stumbled across vincent-vega and have begun using it on a small project and am planning to incorporate it into some of our larger applications. It is an Nant task that handles database versioning. It is not a migration in the same way as the other solutions as it uses actual sql scripts for all schema changes instead of c# code, which makes sense to me!

[update 2008/10/14]
vincent-vega is now part of the tarantino project.
Thanks for the heads up Dan!



Dan Nuttall
vincent-vega is now part of the tarantino project. I know you mentions it in a later post, but it took me forever to find it!