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FireFox and multiple cookies for the same site

I like FireFox but still use IE most of the time; one of the main reasons is during web application development I need to login to the same web application as different users at the same time, switching back and forth between each user account. IE makes it easy just open a new instance for each individual user account.

In the past I tried to find a solution for FireFox, but always came up short. Well today I did a google search and came up with two different ones!

both are FireFox extensions

after a quik spin with both I am liking CookieSwap better

With CookiePie you right click on the individual tab to toggle seperate cookie sessions on or off; just didn’t have good luck using it the way I would do stuff with IE

With CookieSwap you right click in the lower right hand status bar area of FireFox and can toggle between named profiles (default is Profile1, Profile2, Profile3) - this worked right out of the box as I would expect!