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Rant: Exchange drives me crazy!

At work we have a QA Inbox where tons of emails generated by our application are sent, of course nobody ever takes the time to clear it out and even after numerous requests to the IT department to automatically purge anything older then a few weeks it always seems to be really full when I get around to testing some email functionality

This post is just a rant about one thing in particular I really do not like about Exchange and Outlook - why is it so hard to delete email? if exchange would just do this on the server it would save me a lot of time

so here we go - delete all of the ‘Older’ mail - and there is a lot

oh look not enough memory to delete all that mail? why don’t you just do the delete on the server, I don’t want to bring local copies of each of them and then delete them?

ok so we select a few thousand at a time, about 1 minute to delete say 2,500 emails - just guessing but there are probably like 10,000 COM+ calls being executed from my workstation across the network to the exchange server for this operation?yeah, so now select another couple of thousand emails - what ‘operation failed’ - doh! re-open that inbox and try again
so then here we are 36,000 emails deleted later - now we need to purge the Deleted Items

and look at that - only 40 seconds to purge 36,000 emails from the Deleted Items - I guess this part is ‘optimized’?



I totally agree with you… Deleting is somehow ‘optimized’ only in the Deleted Items…
It’s exchange for crying out loud… What the hell did we fork all that money out if it can’t do simple drop table queries… stoopid server