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Assembla to start charging for all private services

well I guess it had to happen sooner or later - Assembla to start charging for all private services

they do offer a great service and the fact that it has been free up until now has been really great!
I can understand why they need to start charging and it still seems very reasonable,
but it would be nicer if it was based purely on disk space instead of per project

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C. G. Brown
Oh I almost forgot… we’re at . Thanks!
C. G. Brown
Hi, I’m with ProjectLocker, and we have hosted Subversion, Trac, and soon Git hosting for as little as $2.50/month annualized for 2 users and 1 GB. Our low-cost plans are metered on space and users but have unlimited projects and no pre-set bandwidth limits. We also have a number of cool features such as the ability to e-mail tickets to Trac and to run code reviews on Java projects. If you’re looking for a new provider, we encourage you to try us out.