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replace keyboard on Sony Vaio laptop PCG-K23 (PCG-9RLF)

just replaced the keyboard on my sisters Sony Vaio laptop - on the bottom is says it is a PCG-9RLF, but then it also says it is a PCG-K23? anyhow I had a hard time finding anything on the web, then I finally stumbled on this page which helped alot
  • You don’t need to loosen any screws on the bottom - I thought this would be needed and ended up wasting a bit of time going in the wrong direction.
  • At the top of the keyboard is a plate that you need to pry up, there are 4 slots you can stick a flat screw driver under (you can’t see them unless you press the keys down), this plate is also part of the screen hinge and the power cord that goes to the screen is attached so be CAREFUL!
  • Then there are 3 screws that hold the keyboard in place, loosen those
  • The keyboard will hinge up from the bottom
  • Then you need to disconnect the cable that goes to the motherboard
  • I ended up pulling this out without much effort
  • but then it was really hard to get the new one back in
  • turns out the slot has an open / closed ‘mode’, using a small screw driver I was able to get it to open up
  • Then just put everything back, turned out to be relatively easy in the end, I am definitely not an expert when it comes to computer hardware but so far this has been a success!