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Geek Desk in Action!

My Geek Desk showed up last week!

I work standing up most of the time, but I do like to sit down a few times through out the day. In the past I used a “Drafting Chair”, but they create a funky angle for your legs as your feet must sit on the bottom ring. So far I am really loving the Geek Desk! - check them out at

here is a short vid of the adjustable height desk in operation

and some pics


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@Natalie - i have not needed a keyboard tray - you can see my setup here - - NOTE the mouse is elevated on a book and I use ergo style keyboard, this seems to work best for me, but everybody is built a little bit differently
Natalie Grigson
Thanks for the post!
How are you finding your keyboard placement on your Geekdesk? Just wondering because I had a standing desk that didn't allow me to adjust my keyboard position and I found that my shoulders, neck, and wrists would get fatigued after a while.
Now I use a height adjustable desk that has an adjustable keyboard tray as well, though, and I don't seem to have that problem.
I don't know if GeekDesk does offer this option and you just didn't opt for it, but if they do, you should get it! If they don't, you might want to switch to a NextDesk? It is a lot like GeekDesk, but just a few steps up in my opinion.
If you're ever in the market for something new, check them out– I highly recommend the Terra model! Check it out on their website:

Thanks for the post!
House 9
'Did GeekDesk replace your "crunchy" unit?'
- short answer: they offered to replace it, so if you are concerned about that issue I would not be

- long answer: I am still using crunchy, it is only in one small section and it really doesn't bother me at all, I think it sounds worse on the video than it already is. I didn't feel like reassembling a new unit when this one was working fine for me; all-in-all I have been really happy with my Geek Desk
Thanks for the follow-up. I've just about narrowed down my choices.

A friend has a Workrite at his job:

Those have presets, but are much more expensive.

Did GeekDesk replace your "crunchy" unit?
House 9
I am not sure if the frame is by ConSet?

the lack of presets doesn't bother me, sounds like a nice feature. At first I was using a tape measure to double check the height, after I got it dialed I was just going to put some tape on the wall so I could see where to line it up. But after using it for awhile I never got around to putting tape on the wall, I sort of intuitively know where the correct height is now.
I am also looking to purchase a GeekDesk (frame only) or similar. Can you tell if the frame is actually made by ConSet as another person asked?

I'm holding back as I was hoping to find a desk that lets me set a preset standing and sitting height. Do you find the lack of presets to be a problem?
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@Craig, I have been working with Geek Desk support to address the issue. The sound doesn't actually bother me that much and I have not had the time to tinker with it yet (hopefully this week).

They have offered to replace the desk with a new one. If you are thinking about getting one and this is the only hold up - I would go for it. In my opinion the quality is very good and they stand behind their product 100%.
Did they ever fix the "crunching" sound?
Is the a product or a cheap knockoff?

This looks like the same desk:
This potential future customer of GeekDesk is anxious to see if the crunching gear grinding gets fixed.
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Cheers, I'll contact you next week; Guess I do need to add my email here :)
Delighted to see that you like your new GeekDesk! Thanks for taking the time to post this, and share your experience. Enthusiasm like yours makes our day! :)

After watching the video, just wanted to mention that the "crunchy" sound you are experiencing is certainly not normal. Would love to talk with you about that, to see if we could help diagnose it to get it nice and consistently-quiet for you. Please contact us via our website ( - mention this blog post URL for reference) or email to the e-mail address linked to this comment, if you are up for that. (Didn't see a way to contact you directly via this site, so am leaving this comment instead).

Thanks again for buying a GeekDesk! – we really do appreciate it. : )