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Ping Guest OS from Host OS with VirtualBox

I am running a host Windows 7 machine with a Guest Windows Server 2008 RC2. The guest machine is hosted inside of VirtualBox. It appears that this issue can occur with any number of OS host or guest machines.

From the guest machine I could access the internet and access the host machine, but I could not ping or access the guest machine from the host. Turns out there is a network setting that needs to be changed.

On the guests ‘container’ go to Devices > Network Adapters

Then change ‘Attached to’ from ‘NAT’ to ‘Bridged Adapter’

at that point you should be good to go



Diego Rafael Flores Gonzales
I did that, they are in the same network but I can't ping from either side, What do I have to do? the other comments says to change the setting from public to private HOW?
Darren Helsby
Thanks for your post. I was having the same problem between a Win 7 Pro host and a Win 8 Customer Preview guest and solved it using your method.

The only extra thing I had to do was change the guest network setting from a public network to private and now I can ping both ways.