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First Rails Project

so off and on the last month I have messed around with bits of rails stuff; reading books, coding associations, migrations, and installing plugins - oh yeah! ActiveScaffold is very sweet! finally got the integration with FCKeditor and the calendar control working as well; so now I am ready to actually build a web site.

a few years back I built a site for my wife’s cycling team. It is a pretty simple site but with data driven content, this seems like a good project to convert over to rails as it will give me a little bit of everything. So here we go…

Day 1 - 2007.09.21 2:00pm

rails nor_cal_velo, add it to svn, create a blank database on mysql, then onto the migrations; already had the database tables pencil sketched on paper, similar to what I had before in the previous site but this time a little simpler as I will be using ActiveRecord (of course) and not stored procedures…

4 hours later: migrations and db created, active scaffold hooked in and up and running for a single controller; but got side tracked trying to push before_create_save event down into a controller base class as I do not wish to duplicate the same code for every controller.
Posted to active_scaffold groups, got to be a way around this

going to do some html / css stuff for awhile and get the layout section taken care of then onto more active scaffold controllers

Day 2 - 2007.09.22
spent a few hours tweaking css overrides for active scaffold and figured out the issue with the controller base class see the thread above for the solution. Still have a small glitch with overrides of the Delete function, I am setting the is_active flag to false instead of actually deleting the record, everything works great except the ajax code actually removes the record from the visible list of records, if you refresh the page the inactivated record reappears and is marked as is_active = false as it should be

Side Tracked
Ok, got side tracked messing around with rails and some fun ajax stuff, my first rails project has changed to something much smaller in scope; I’ll be back on this project at some point though as long as the day job doesn’t consume me…