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TFS and the pain

We have been using TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation System) at work for Source Control for a few months now; we’ve run into numerous issues none of which I am going to get into now; this post is really just some notes for my future reference.

if you get into real trouble with TFS the following steps should almost definitely get you back to a fresh place
  • Start -> Programs -> Visual Studio 2005 Tools -> command line
  • tf workspaces
  • - this will show you your workspace name; probably the same as your machine
  • tf workspaces /remove:*
  • - this will remove local system cache of TFS
  • tf workspace /delete /server:{servername} {workspacename}
  • - this will remove from the server
  • - it will prompt you to verify - type in y
  • tf workspace /new /server:{servername} {newworkspacename}
  • - this will launch the GUI to map the server to your local system
  • - server = $/
  • - local = C:\TFS
  • cd C:\TFS
  • tf get
  • - pull down all the files

This maps the root of the TFS server to C:\TFS, you may of course want it mapped to another location on your drive.

Check out tf command on msdn