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Update: FireFox and multiple cookies for the same site

well after a few days with CookieSwap it seems a bit buggy, basically if you open two browser instances and then switch the CookieSwap profile it is updating both browser instances making it somewhat useless?

so I did some more googling and now using this technique

Initial Setup
- close all instances of firefox
- Start -> Run -> firefox.exe -ProfileManager
- create 5 or so profiles, I named them p1 - p5

Then when you want to use different profiles launch each one from the command line
- Start -> Run -> firefox.exe -P p1 -no-remote

each profile is totally distinct (history, cookies, etc…), only issue there does not seem to be an easy way to tell which profile you currently have open, I think I can live with that


You can use different skins in different profiles to distinguish them easily.
maybe someone can write a firefox addon which displays the profile name in the title. maybe i can do this.