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Komodo Edit - new text editor of choice for Ruby on Rails

Komodo Edit is my new text editor of choice for ruby and rails stuff. I use windows OS and have tried alot of different editors and IDEs; most of the IDE are too slow for my tastes and I have been using an alpha version of InType or NotePad++ for any Rails development.

This product is free and available from ActiveState. Note that there is also Komodo IDE which is a full blown IDE and is not free. I have not tested out that product but may in the future.

Go to click the ‘Get Komodo Edit’ button, ignore the contact details form, it is optional and kind of annoying? Click Continue to download, there are versions for Mac, Linux and Windows.

After installing the MSI package I only needed to make a few minor tweaks to my preferences
First things first, create a new ‘Project’ (File -> New -> New Project), just point to one of my existing rails applications and save the kpf file in the root. Then I actually want to see the files so View -> Tabs -> Projects

And a few tweaks; get rid of that right hand edge line, not a big fan. Edit -> Preferences -> Smart Editing -> uncheck ‘Show edge line / Hightlight characters beyond…’ ok - i have been converted to the dark side so, Edit - Preferences -> Fonts and Colors -> select Dark from the Scheme, bump the font size to 12 and go bold - you will be prompted to give this new scheme a name

bada bing bada boom - we are good to go